McSorley's: The Last Minnie 24x24 inches
McSorley's, Pepe and the Stove, 24x30
McSorley's, Richard and Gene, 24x24
McSorley's, Morning Papers, 24x24
McSorley's, Mornings with Minnie, 30x24
Once Upon a Tart, 30x30
Cheese at 30th and 2nd Ave (Todaro's) 30x24
Central Park Sailors, 24x30
McSorley's Bar, Class Acts 30x24
Leaving McSorley's, 30x30
McSorley's Bar with M. Maher, 24x24
McSorley's Bar with Cats, 24x24
Lunch at McSorley's Bar, 30x24
McSorley's Bar, More Napkins, 24x24
McSorley's, Wednesday Morning, 24x24
McSorley Cats, 9x12
Tuesday Morning, McSorley's 24x30
Pepe and Minnie, 12x9
McSorley's: Pepe Holding Forth 24x24
Pete's Tavern, 30x24
PJ Clarke's, Three Transoms, 24x30
PJ Clarke's with Phonebooth, 24x30
PJ Clarke's with the Bar, 24x30
Puppies on Christopher St, 24x30
The Launch, Central Park, 30x30
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